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Trend categories

Economy 2016

How is the way we work changing? What new industries and firms are emerging and what new jobs will be created between now and 2030?
10 trends 13 comments

Society 2016

How will we interact in the future? What demographic and cultural changes could impact society in 2030?
16 trends 12 comments

Technology 2016

What new technologies are emerging? Will new software and hardware disrupt how cities are run in 2030?
17 trends 18 comments

Environment 2016

How is the climate changing? How will our water, energy or food sources change by 2030? What other future environmental challenges might we face?
12 trends 7 comments

Politics 2016

How is the global political climate transforming? What forms will governance take by the year 2030?
6 trends 7 comments

Security 2016

Will we be facing increasingly unconventional threats by 2030? What growing trends are there in physical and cyber security?
9 trends 5 comments