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Winners announced

October 28, 2016

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Crowdsensor Smart Nation competition.

70 entries were submitted and 5 selected as winners by the panel of judges

2 were for trends expected to make life easier for Singapore by 2030: 

Simulated Government - Not sure? Run a sim first!   
Advances in virtual intelligence and simulation technology will enable policy makers and the public to experiment before implementation.   
Sulaiman Daud

Managing our emotional wellness 
I believe most of us are concerned with our physical wellness, but how about our emotional wellness? Do we take care of it?
by Vinleon Koh

2 winners were for trends expected to make life more difficult for Singapore by 2030:

Techolitics - When technology and international politics collide
State backed fragmentation of standards, operating systems, platforms for selected emerging technologies.  by W.M. Hum

AI Replacing People, Taking Away Jobs
Artificial intelligence and automation may soon replace people in existing jobs.   
by Ronald Wong

1 winner was selected as the trend judged to be most novel/unique: 

Good deeds sensed and rewarded   
Positive civic actions are sensed with smart city technology and monetarily rewarded.   

by Mike Matessa 

In addition, 7 entries received Honourable Mention:

Anticipatory Personalized Governance   
Data Analytics would enable government to anticipate citizens' demand and tailor its response based on individual's characteristics. by Danliang Ho

The Smart Civilization: Wither Identity   
The fast-paced evolution into a smart city will come at the expense of cultural and individual identity. by Sidtharthan Manunethi

50 Shades of Corporate - A State-Led Cyberocracy with Strong Corporate Influence   
Decline in leadership qualities leads to stupid nation. by Sidtharthan Manunethi

Emergent Algorithm-Based Society   
Singapore will transit from Knowledge-Based Economy to Algorithm-Based Economy by 2030 in the advent of Algorithmic Age. by Danliang Ho  

UAVs will stand vigilant as Smart Nations' first responders   
A fleet of UAVs will be in the air at all times, ready to be activated and render assistance to citizens in peril. by Iqbal Khirudeen

Floors that provide electricity   
What if one day we can harness usable energy by just walking, Will you help to save the polar bears by walking? by Benjamin HM Wang

Smart Utensils for the Future   
Smart utensils to support the growth of the market for elder consumers and national initiatives in active ageing. by Manjusri ALP

Sincere thanks to all Crowdsensor members for their participation and to contest entrants for their intriguing ideas. 

The Crowdsensor Team